Taoglas has a full range of ISM band antennas available. Internal and External Solutions are available for 135/169/433/450/784/868/915MHz.

Embedded Antennas include the unique high gain Omni-Directional flexible Circuit Range - FXP240/245/270/280 and FXP290, we also have FR4 PCB antennas for 868MHz(PC81) and 915MHz(PC91).  We have also developed ceramic miniature loop antennas for 868MHz(ILA.02) and 915Mhz(ILA.01).

For External Solutions we have a wide-range of Terminal Mount solutions with different gains and connector options. We have a new range of Flexible Whip antennas for 135MHz and 169MHz.

We have a Hercules Screw Mount range also for 433/868 and 915MHz.

How to purchase our Products: Please Contact Us for large volume or OEM enquiries or for local support view our list of distributors. You can also contact Taoglas if you have any queries about our products, would like to become a distributor, or require a Custom solution.

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